Coasters Inspired by Wright

These were traced over images of Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass designs, so I would say they can’t be sold commercially. I used PG Medium Maple Ply. I would dial down the engrave next time. It’s 0.035" deep. (1.5 MB)


my favorite architect bar none

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Richard Meier is above him in my book. But, just slightly.

Between FLW and MC Escher I am torn but both inspired and talented. They promoted a new direction for their respective crafts.


Those are wonderful … thanks for sharing. Amazing Architect!!

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I’m sure I’m missing something here as I’m new to this machine, but I tried making these and got dozens (hundreds?) of little cleanly cut-out pieces. In the workflow, every line was shown as a cut. Are some of these layers meant to be scored rather than cut? I tried it on PG Medium Maple Hardwood. Thanks for any tips!

The different actions are separated by color. The GF interprets all lines as cuts. In the case of the file I sent, most lines are actually meant to be scores, with just a few holes that are cuts.

These are great. I actually made them into magnets for my 7th grade Architecture class! We are learning about FLW and his designs now.

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