Coasters out of Snap Flooring

We’re remodeling our kitchen and have a ton of snap flooring. This is a wood (mostly?) top with a rubberized bottom. Would cut out great coasters - but also want to make sure I don’t blow up my house on Day 3 of being a GF owner.

Suggestions? Warnings?

You just need to make sure there’s no vinyl in it.

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You need to get the MSDS from the manufacturer to determine its composition.

You won’t blow up your house, but you might destroy your machine if the material contains vinyl or other chlorine-based product.


Sounds like the MSDS for Purgo laminate is Formaldehyde.

No vinyl.

I have similar out of real oak but it is held together with aluminum wire :frowning: I also got a lot of tiles with the surface is very thin laminate, but the rest of the tile is MDF which will not stand up to much like say a dishwasher,

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No problems with engraving. No fumes. I grew a unicorn horn. But probably not related.

Can’t for the life of me cut through it though. It is just under 1/2" and tried three passes at full power. Barely a dent. May need to look into a dremel or something.

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