Coasters with epoxy resin

One of the items I’ve been working on are coasters for family and friends Christmas gifts.
I decided to try my hand at epoxy resin.
I have to say, this was extremely easy to do.
Negatives were 12 minutes of stirring and a short time frame to do it.
Positives were awesome high gloss and the detail was really brought out!
Here are a few pics… Yes, lots of Syracuse!!!

I think I’ll be using epoxy resin a lot more on projects!


Wow! Pops! :sunglasses::+1:

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Looks great. Which product did you use?

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I have to admit, I was thinking you made molds for these coasters out of Glowforge cut materials and then made epoxy casts. “negative” mold, “positive” cast. Then my brain kicked in and you were evaluating the workflow!

Very nice. I’ve not made coasters for this particular reason, that I needed to figure out a water resistant final seal on the coasters. Will have to try the epoxy.


I used Famowood Glaze Coat. Less expensive and good ratings.


3 day cure time then adhearing cork on the bottom.

Those look absolutely amazing!:grin::+1:

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Thanks. They look better in person

That’s so cool. I must admit, I’m completely ignorant of this and don’t quite understand the process. You just mix it up and pour it over the top and let it drip off the edges?

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Mix it, really important to do this properly, pour, spread with a trowel, hit it with a tourch to get the bubbles out (coolest part :grin:), let sit for 3 days.


I wonder, if you have a vacuum degassing chamber, does treating the mixed product reduce or eliminate the need to pop bubbles with a torch? I know that vacuum degassing is handy or even mandatory for working with some molding materials. Seems like it might help de-bubble a product like this, too.

Vac Degassing versus Light er up.
No real choice here.

I mean… It’s a reasonable usage for Fire, you know !?


It only takes seconds too. Quick flame across tge top and they’re gone.

I went searching Amazon for a vacuum chamber a few years ago to use for cooking (I went through a bit of a molecular gastronomy phase), and I think I’m probably still on some kind of DEA watchlist. As far as I can tell, the market for these is almost entirely for a different type of cooking than I had in mind.

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I love ChefSteps and somehow missed that recipe, glad you posted it. I do have a chamber vac sealer. Best kitchen gadget ever! Looks like you might be able to use a degassing vac chamber for that recipe too.

I am still saving my pennies for Modernist Cuisine

Whoa, is there a “way off topic” badge? Because I think I deserve it now.

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I was able to use a mason jar attachment for my vacuum sealer. Somehow I managed to take no pictures of the process.