Three different sets of coasters. One with cork, and two done on plain white tile from Home Depot. The one set of tiles is just etched, and the second set I used plain craft pain to color the imagesIMG_5530


Those Totoro tiles are the only engraved tiles I’ve seen so far that I’d actually want in my bathroom! They look fantastic and a subtle at the same times. You going to colour them or leave as is?


Great job! :grin::+1:

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I love those tiles! very crafty!

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Nice job!

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Kewl kitty! :grinning:

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Love the painted engraves. Very nice looking. You’ve been busy!

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No pain, no craft. :joy:


Great looks! What was the SKU of the HD tiles you used?

So did you have masking on and paint them or just carefully painted them after the engraving? Going to attempt something similar and looking for the easier route. If one exists.

How cool! I really love the effect this created with the paint + tile. I’m also interested in if you just carefully painted on the engraving or if the ceramic (?) glaze made the paint easy to wipe off on the glossy areas… or something else? Really fun stuff!

Leaving them as is. Thanks!

Since they were a glossy tile, I just applied the paint, and wiped it off. Easy as Pie.

I don’t remember the SKU, but they are the basic white gloss tiles you get at Home Depot.

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Can i ask what paint you used? I love the idea and already make 3D PLA coasters but just got a glowforge and wanted to try another media. Also your cork coaster…So i take it those were painted after you created them?

These are wonderful! Love how subtle the white on white tiles are. Now I’m inspired to etch into bath tiles and just add them into my countertops and shower! :laughing:

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I just used craft paint for the coasters, although I have since moved on to using markers…much easier. The cork coasters aren’t painted, just etched.


Made my first cork coaster and i am in LOVE…LOL

JIJI!! So cute!

I love making tiles lol. Not sure how you clean them when using the “color in with marker” method, but I have found that “magic erasers” work great! Just don’t press too hard. Also, did your cork smudge? I’ve had to start engraving cork at like 7 power to keep it from smudging