Cobra Passenger Safety Card

A friend has a Cobra replica that he drives occasionally. When taking a new passenger for a ride, he pulls a laminated paper card out with safety briefing points and goes over them before letting them in his car. :sunglasses:

Naturally I thought “we can do better” and made one out of an aluminum card blank I had laying around…

I think he’ll like it. :wink:

Btw, despite three warnings, I still managed to burn my leg on the #€¥! exhaust pipes… :fire::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::fire:


My Mom has had a scar on her leg from before I was born from a motorcycle exhaust…they are decidedly hot despite not turning red!

Great card :smiley:


Naturally! This is so much better than a laminated card:-)


I should make one of these for my daughter - she scares the living daylights out of me when I ride with her. Don’t get me wrong, she is brilliant and safe - never had an accident. I taught her performance driving on tracks and the street, and she is as good as me or perhaps better - I just have the fastest car. She’s selling her 'vette but still has her Challenger (and 3 other show cars). :rofl:


A 70’s model Challenger??? Love to see pictures, if so.


Nah, her Challenger is a 2014, the show cars are from the 60’s and 70’s (442, Marauder and Coupe DeVille) - she just got a new engine in the 442. It’s been featured in video shoots and she rents it out for weddings, parades and photo shoots as well. Immaculate.

Launching her uncles Mach 1:

… and her Challenger:


We too have a friend who could use one of these!


This is brilliant!


Love this, I had a Challenger that I just sold recently, I am still very upset about it.


We’re a car family… amongst other things. Drags and autocross are a couple of our interests. I’ve considered a Cobra but might end up with a Supra next.


Alway wanted a Cobra (probably always will), but I have had my share of hot cars.
69 Boss 302
71 Buick GS 455
68 Shelby GT-500 convertible
68 Firebird 350 HO
88 Supra Turbo (twin turbo from 94 Supra)

The Firebird had Thrush side pipes and my legs still have the marks 45 years later.

There were others but these were my favorites.


Should not have sold that Supra.

My daughter’s 442 is worth 5x what she paid for it back when she was in high school. Her mom and uncle took my truck out to TX to buy it and trailer it home.

My ex had a 3000GT when I met her, there was a VR4 at a home nearby for years but I didn’t contact them, gone now. I had a turbo Talon back then - before my Stinger, was the fastest car I’d ever owned. Guys at the dealer ran a race team and made some modifications for me. Had it up to 160.

Our Mach 1 and Z28 ('77) are great for the strip but aren’t fun to drive in the hills. Hence why a smaller, more nimble car like a Cobra would be my preference - and so, a Supra or similar. I always wanted an S2000 but they are stupid prices now.

It really pains me to think of selling my Stinger. It’s faster and handles as well as a 2000’s era Lamborghini or R8 (I’ve driven both on a track) . It’s not stock, fwiw. Over 100hp more than it came with. Best 0-60 I’ve recorded was 3.7.


Ha! I was just about to post that my mom has a motorcycle exhaust scar too! Reminds me that hot metal looks just like cold metal (ouch!).

@eflyguy One Friday night my mom & dad went out to a fancy dinner, not expected back until after midnight. Brother took my dad’s motorcycle to the drag strip & raced against cars. He won that night’s trophy. On the way home, he spotted Dad’s car (coming home early), so he sped home by a different route, parked, stashed the trophy…but the pipes were still warm…oops. Dad wanted to know why (they had seen him), but Brother copped a plea deal when he showed them the trophy.


I’ve been riding since the 80’s. Where I grew up, you could ride @ 16 but only drive @ 18. I didn’t buy my first car until I was in my 20’s.

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The aluminum blank is an excellent replacement!


I love muscle cars, but the Supra was by far the quickest car I ever owned. Granted it wasn’t stock either where a the American cars were. There is a company about 12 miles from here that produced Cobra kits for many years after relocating here from California. Now they just do a few turnkey vehicles a year. My wife told me I could build one once I retired, but my shop turned into my wife’s kennel and I’ve been retired ten years now.


My stinger is faster than a hellcat or my BIL’s Mach 1 (or a 2000’s lambo. ) Est. 475hp and 550 or so ft-lbs torque @ 2000RPM thru 4 wheels… I beat most street cars at the strip. Not purpose built drag cars.

Modern tech beats raw muscle these days. Our Z28 and Mach 1 are fun at the strip, but not so much elsewhere. I had to drive the Z28 back from Commerce (over an hour) in the rain one night. Virtually ineffective headlights. They’ve sinced closed it but it was the only 1/4 mile strip we had in GA.

I have driven an old Supra but they are equally nuts to buy nowadays. My daughter is selling her 'vette and I think she’s interested in something more modern, but she’s living in HI for a while so we’ll see when she comes back.