Coconut Palm Acrylic Slump Bowl

We picked up some beautifully painted coconut bowls in Hawaii - and wanted a way to display them that also made it easy to use them. Introducing the coconut palm acrylic slump bowl :slight_smile:

Made out of 1/8" acrylic, You can cut everything, but I found just scoring the majority of the leaf design looked just as nice and the bowl was sturdier when finished. To slump: set on an overturned metal bowl into an oven set to 300° F, and when the oven reaches temperature pull it out (wearing leather/insulated gloves!) and mold them to your desired shape.

They are a touch tough to pull out of the waste acrylic when you’re done cutting them - so possibly adding some break-up lines could assist. Also 2 of them will nestle nicely on a single piece of acrylic.

Coconut Bowl_V6


Nice! I like the way it ties together.

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Wow, gorgeous! Thanks!

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Thanks for the file. I believe I need to go to Hawaii and seek the right vessel for this. Frigid February makes me long for a Hawaiian sunset.


That’s a very nice idea.

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Wow!! The eye candy!

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