Coffee Cup Holder

  • 1/8 Painted MDF
  • Increased original width 1" (aspect ratio locked)
  • Recommend MDF, wood too fragile
  • 20 minute cut (Thick Draftboard)

Get the Design (by Megumi Iwata)

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That’s pretty neat, what’s the connection look like or is it all one big circle cut? Wondering if you need to oil or wax the joints every now and then to make sure it doesn’t crack under use


There are round ‘clasps’ on the other side. I’m going to modify them into bars or triangles. They tend to slip free when the tension is high.


This looks great, thanks for the share!

That’s nice, it never occurred to me to make a personalized cup holder but I like the way it looks.

Just a heads up, I think the rules for this section say that you’re only supposed to post your own designs.


I think Chris is right. By reading the rules for this group it’s clear the design should be your own.

The general rules state:

If you want to share something you find online, by all means link to it - but don’t download and post it, since it deprives readers of context and the owner loses control.

Would this mean the general forum is the target for something like this? Perhaps Made on Glowforge?

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The engrave over living hinge is a neat effect.

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Went ahead and just bumped it over.

Looks nice and handy.


I like the red … and the engraving!

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That’s the one. Anything you make with the GF. Free Laser Designs for anything you design and want to let other people download and make. And Everything Else for, well, everything else :slightly_smiling_face:

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Really beautiful!!