Coffee Slate coasters

I really love what the GF does to slate!



Very nice! I was also impressed with what the GF can do to slate. I made some Ohio coasters, posted on Facebook, sold them within 20 minutes and got an order for 2 more sets… I feel I’m going to be ordering a lot of slate haha

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I saw your Ohio coasters – really nice! And I think slate is my favorite medium on the GF right now. :blush:


Thanks! Me too! I ordered some slate cheeseboards, roughly 8" x 12" can’t wait to make something cool with them!

We have an abundance of slate around here from 200+ year old roofs. I’ve been fortunate to get some for projects. I love how it looks after its been ‘aged’.


I’m super jealous!

Oh crap… now I gotta add slate to my list.
Well done. :sunglasses:

LOL happy to help!

Hi. Really like what you’ve done with the slate. Did you cut the slate into pieces as shown from roofing tiles or did you buy the slate cut to those dimensions. If cut to size, what was your process? Also, did you spray the slate with a polyurethane before engraving? Interested to hear more about your process. Thanks.

The slate for the coasters I purchased. But the other engravings I’ve done have been on old slate. There are lots of places to get the cut slate, JohnsonsPlastics and so on. Just do a search and look for on sale items. Thanks!

Slate is really cool but I advise anyone who tries it to make a small order first. The engrave quality varies dramatically. I have some that looks like OP’s and I have some where the marks are not visible at all.

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These turned out sooooooooooooo well! Now for another cup of coffee!

Thanks! And I’m way ahead of ya! :blush:

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These are awesome! :heart_eyes: What did you coat them with prior to etching them?

Thanks! I use a clear shellac on all my slate. It seems to really bring out a better engrave.