Coffee sleeve

Did this coffee sleeve yesterday for a Chiefs fan. Used the Glowforge template with some graphics and a leather square from Joann and the thick leather Prograde settings. I had to use a blade to free the piece, but all in all pretty happy with the look!


The coffee sleeve looks fantastic! I really love the design with the map, including the Missouri. I am guessing your friend will be trilled with the sleeve.

This is such a good example of taking a Glowforge design and adding your own artwork to create a personalized piece. Thanks so much for sharing your work.


I didn’t know that JoAnn’s sells veg tan leather - I will have to check it out. That looks great.

That is lovely. The thickness of the KC arrowhead really stands out over the map!

I find leather often ends with threads still attached (the downside of “live” material) - I’ve taken to running an additional cut line - at like double the speed - at the end, it cuts those beautifully.

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Go Chiefs. Nice detail with the map.

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In this case I think a coffee cup would would fine for scale!

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Thank you! Used Inkscape to save a clip-path as a PNG, then engraved as an SD image

Here’s a shot the giftee took around a pint glass. I wouldn’t recommend application to a banana… maybe a plantain…

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Like the map on this!

I used one of the Realeather thick squares, can’t say that everything on the rack is veg tanned