Coin Display Frame

When we travel abroad we make a point of collecting all the coins in the local currency. It can be fun chasing down good copies of the less common coins, and makes a nice momento of the trip. Along with a set of calipers and a 5x10 license display frame, the Glowforge makes it pretty easy to sketch up a small coin holder to keep them arranged and in place.

The board is 1.5mm MDF, painted dark green. Coins are pressed in place. These two frames have currency from Canada and Bermuda.


Fun! Another great GF use!

Love that idea!

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So much nicer than my method of keeping souvenir coins in a plastic baggie in a drawer. . .
Might be time to upgrade!


Very nice!

that looks great! that toonie is one of my favourite coins of ours!
you just need a penny next time you visit… a real treasure hunt!

The toonie is great. We had to look high and low to find the special glow in the dark one. Most of the people thought we were crazy when asking about them.

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