Coir door mat

Has anyone engraved a coir door mat on the glowforge? I came across a video from epilog that demonstrates how to make a halloween doormat and wonder if it would be possible to do on the glowforge? If so what settings would you use for it?

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Since Epilog demonstrates this, the product is probably laser safe. The small size of the Glowforge bed is going to be a limiting factor. As for settings, one would have to do some testing. If Epilog provides settings, one could make an educated guess as to where to start on a Glowforge.


I did one on the Trotec.

I didn’t spend any time testing so just took a guess and went with some suggested settings I found. They weren’t great settings as some spots really wanted to smolder (the dark spots). Keep a very careful eye on it. It didn’t go up in flames or anything but definitely was lingering.

That said, don’t use it for exterior purposes. This design pretty much washed out with a couple inches of rain.

You might be better off, in my opinion, using the laser to make a stencil and then spray painting that.


I wonder if there would be a sealer or something that could protect the image?

Such a good idea, thank you!

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I make these, make a stencil and then spray paint them, as above said. I highly recommend using a rubber seal spray paint, like flex seal. They come in Black, White, and Gray.