Cold galvanizing spray

I read / viewed that Rustoleum cold galvanizing can be used as a marking spray. I understand it has a high zinc content. Does anyone know if that is a safe product to laser, or do I have to stay with the other more expensive products like Cermark?


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Where did you read this information?

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It’s been used, but not on metal :slight_smile: Looking forward to your test results!


Yes that was the video I saw too. :slight_smile: But a friend of mine had some concerns about the safety of breathing in the fine particulate of burnt zinc, and a brief internet search didn’t produce much information to go on. Thanks for the input though.


Your friend is correct to worry.

Vaporized zinc (when inhaled) can produce a condition that used to be called “zinc fever” or “zinc shakes” and is now generally referred to as “metal fume fever” (there are other metals that will cause it, not just zinc). It’s non-fun, but wears off in 24-48 hours although I personally would prefer to avoid it in the first place so consider an appropriate filter mask just in case.


Thank you Martin. Not worth my health :slight_smile: