Collection of Useful Inkscape Extensions

At this point, Inkscape is the main design software that I am learning. So, I’d like to start a collection of extensions that would be useful for Glowforge “printing” stuff.

First, here’s some that were mentioned previously:

Trace Centerlines

Remove Double Lines

Jigsaw Puzzle Generator --I have tried it. Works well enough.

Living Hinge Generator

Eliptical Box Generator

Tabbed Box With Living Hinge Generator

Gear and Hershey Text (should be available with regular Inkscape install)

Here’s a couple more that I found on

Laser Sequence
It’s supposed to put inside cuts ahead of outside, to avoid dropped pieces shifting material and putting future cuts or engraves out of place. Don’t know if this is actually useful for the Glowforge since it works differently than other laser cutters, but I figure it’s worth a shot.

Living Hinge Generator
An alternative to the previously mentioned living hinge generator. There’s also a “leather case” generator, but that looks like it could use some work still. Makes the parts, but stacks them on top of each other and doesn’t add sewing holes.

Foldable Box Generator
I think there is a preinstalled generator that is similar, but this one has more options and outputs better boxes I think.

Kerf Corrector
It says “this script is almost the same as using dynamic offset on each path and setting the inkscape:radius attribute to the kerf value.” Maybe better to do that. I haven’t quite figured this one out yet, so maybe I’ll just try using dynamic offset if we even have to compensate for kerf. Drink up if your playing.

Parametric Shelf Generator
You also have to install this as well to get it working. Generates a tabbed box with one open side and grooves to insert shelving into.

Tabbed Box Generator
Another box generator. This one can compensate for kerf (drink up) and add dimples for a better press-fit.

Next step will be to scour the Inkscape forums. Add 'em if ya got 'em. This is a wiki or just reply.


Thanks for putting that list together. I will be installing them today.



Your organizational skills belie your handle. Thanks so much.


These are great! I’m finding that some of them don’t work on in osx - probably a python version issue. the peril of FOSS. :wink:


Great post, Thanks!

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Ah, but you didn’t see the road that was taken.


Another awesome collection! Great job! :smiley:

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Oh, so wonderful! Thank you!

Thank you for adding that collection. I will be downloading those tonight.

Ran across this looking for something else.

Thought enough GlowFolk would find it interesting enough to bring it to the top again.