College Sign for Remote Learning

My son is doing his freshman year at UCLA remotely. I made him a sign for his bedroom door - we live in the San Franciso area.

I made this out of off-brand draftboard and acrylic paint, roughly mixed to match the colors on the UCLA style guidelines. Fortunately I found an svg file of the script logo. The other lettering is Helvetica, as specified in the university style guide.

I printed two full sheets - on the base sheet I scored the lettering and the frame, and on the second sheet I cut the same pattern.

I then painted both sheets before I removed any of the lettering. This worked out very well - I had a clean cut and consistent, even paint.

Using wood glue I then glued the blue letters to the yellow base, using the faint scoring lines as a placement guide.

Overall this was an uncomplicated project and I’m very happy with the results.


Thanks for the write up of instructions! Looks great. Neat idea during these troublesome educational times!


Home of THE Bruin. Love it!




I should make a sign for our virtual schooling grandson.

We did do a cardboard mock up of his school. They loved it when shared for a Zoom meet.

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What a fun Idea!

I’ve seen different variations of this for college kids remote schooling. We recently moved ten minutes away from my older daughter’s campus so I am thinking of making her something similar, but obviously sarcastic, for when she comes ‘home’ to the same town to finish the semester at Thanksgiving.