Color-changing Cyber Visors!


Made on a Glowforge using 1/8" green edged acrylic on Medium Clear Acrylic proofgrade settings. Most of the etching done as Draft Graphics, but with certain areas as SD graphic for accent.


Oh now this I like. Got any details about the electronics or your end goal?


Very cool!


Neat! :sunglasses:


Very nice! :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::sunglasses:


Super Coolio!!! Must not let my son see this he’s going to want some LOL



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Wow. I need to make something like this for my son. He’ll probably never take them off. Great work.


Heat gun or oven for curving the visor? It is just spectacular. :sunglasses:

So clever. HUD visors would bring to life so many science fiction stories. Where to start!


Very nice. Was thinking of something similar for a ghost in the shell cosplay. Would like to hear more of your process on this…


Halloween costume ideas…this year is going too fast.


Oh wow! What a cool build—sprouting lots of ideas.


Those are awesome! Ive made similar for lucio from overwatch. Ive found that there is a slap bracelet on amazon that includes all in one side emitting LEDs with battery and button built into a small module. They work really well for things like this:

you can see how small the piece is here, just the size of a battery: (the plastic strip can come off)


Thanks for sharing this, including the link to the bracelets on Amazon. I love the effect of light going through acrylic. I haven’t tried making anything from acrylic yet, but I bookmarked your post so I can refer to it when I’m ready.


Looks like a must for every child or young at heart.



These are awesome, how did you bend the acrylic and what did you use for the lighting? Also Do you have a photo of the side of them where they go behind the ears?


Did you remove the plastic strip that is actually attached to the battery and just connect it to the glasses? I ordered and received the slap bracelets and removed them from the nylon colored sleeve, now I’m just trying to figure out what to do next.


We used an electric kiln which allowed us to be super precise with the temperature and a timer, so I could get a perfect consistency for an initial bend, plus used a heat gun for immediate adjustments. I’ve made over a dozen of these so far. We trial-and-errored the prototypes but I’ve definitely gotten a feel foe heat-bending now.


We ended up adding two lights. Each programmable light has 16 different settings and 20 different colors, the that can be run one at a time or both at once for trippy combinations: