Colored acrylic for custom signs

So I ordered some colored acrylic months ago and found it sitting here without a purpose. I’m always hesitant to waste my PG material so I tend to be unadventurous. This past week I found it works great as the accent color on name signs with no need to paint!


Great use!

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Hmm got a source for that acrylic? It’s fun.

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That’s PF medium white acrylic. :slight_smile:

I meant the colored stuff. :slight_smile:

I love the colors! What did you use to paint them? Looks like glitter?

I used oil paint markers for the color and then a glitter spray paint as the top coat. Worked great!



That is a great use of it! Beautiful!

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Oh, you just got me confused–please clarify: did you use pieces of different colored acrylics to make the floral accents for the sign, as your first comment w/ image implies–or did you just paint over white acrylic? Either way, great work, though of course very intricate with the design and assembly if separate colors pieced together! But also really nice tip on the painting for the acrylic…


The name is PG medium white acrylic but the flowers are PG basswood plywood that I colored with oil markers and coated with glitter spray. The base is a locally sourced 1/4" oak plywood. I’ve found that when I’m trying to do intricate cuts (like with text and florals), the proof grade material always works better.

I only have teal, white, and red on hand for acrylics so not enough to separate those flowers out for cuts but someone could if they had them. :slight_smile:


I see now what you meant, I didn’t use any other color of acrylic but white on that sign. Of course, now I’m tempted to make one with all the details in acrylic!

BUT…for a nice source of acrylic, I recently purchased a purple and light blue from Johnson’s Plastics that I’m really pleased with. They have a frosted side and a clear side. It’s their color hues line.


Thanks for that info @NinaAvery . They really seem to have some great products!