Colors of layers

Hi! I hope this isn’t too ridiculous of a question but how are you guys getting different colors for each layer before a print? Mine only shows up purple & turns to blue if I scroll over the object? I’m sure it’s something super easy I’m over looking? Thank you so much for any direction one color organizing my layers when cutting various depths :slight_smile:

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The GF workspace will only ever show the same color.

The colors in your design app only serve to order the print steps. Lowest values (hex RGB value) towards the top.

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The Glowforge doesn’t recognize layers, it recognizes colors.

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This can be made much simpler with a custom palette.

Thank you! I think I misread or mis understood what others were saying about layers or colors? but I get it :slight_smile:

Thank you! I think I misunderstood & thought it was more similar to adobe?

THANK YOU!!! :smile: going to try right now!