Colour to cut order chart

Colours on the left will be cut (scored/engraved) earlier than colours on the right.

Colours on the left appear at the top of the UI thumbnails

This chart uses the key palette colours from Inkscape

Personally I use the same colours for the same things consistently. Blue for score, green engrave, red, purple and yellow for cuts.



Yes. Hex RGB color code value (#000000-#FFFFFF) determines step order.

There are palettes for Inkscape and Illustrator posted here.


Yes of course. hence blue,green,red being good guesses.
Though yellow coming last seems counter-intuitive and i’ve been programming photo manipulation systems for years. :slight_smile:

It’s RGB. Yellow is FFFF00

0 0 0 1 black (#000000)
0 0 255 2 dark blue (#0000ffff)
0 100 0 3 dark green (#006400ff)
0 100 255 4 navy blue (#0064ffff)
0 255 0 5 bright green (#00ff00ff)
0 255 255 6 aqua blue (#00ffffff)
100 0 0 7 brown (#640000ff)
100 0 255 8 purple (#6400ffff)
100 255 0 9 lime green (#64ff00ff)
255 0 0 10 red (#ff0000ff)
255 0 255 11 magenta (#ff00ffff)
255 100 0 12 orange (#ff6400ff)
255 255 0 13 yellow (#ffff00ff)

I made a generator…


When I first started with my GF I thought about generating a custom palette but didn’t bother in the end because the default Inkscape palette was pretty well separated for me anyway.

It also means that any videos or screenshots when helping people out look like their system does too.

I don’t think I’ve ever designed anything by hand that used more than 3 cuts and 3 scores so more than enough colours to play with.

So I went with keeping it simple.

I was watching someone else video the other day where they said they always do cuts in blue and scores in red and they were re-ordering in the UI everytime that reminded me to put this up.

Noble, but I’m not going to hobble myself daily for some rando who needs extra handholding that one theoretical time in the future. Chances are if they are that much of a beginner they probably wont even notice the different colors anyway.

Yeah, it’s rare. I’ve had a handful of jobs where it was many steps, but that’s usually when I am doing heavily nested cuts and/or things on multiple materials at the same time so i kind of brought it on myself.

Likewise, I currently run a 13 color palette.

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