Columbia Forest Products 1/4 in. x 2 ft. x 4 ft. PureBond Maple Plywood Project

Has anyone else had a problem with this product lately.
I have purchased this plywood to make those beautiful plaques Mike Freitas designs. The last batch I purchased from Home Depot had delaminating occurring at the edges of the panels. I called Home Depot and they were most helpful in replacing the panels and refunding my purchase price but I am concerned about the delaminating. While the delaminating is only occurring at the edges of the 2ft x 4ft panels now, it seems like the delaminating (finally spell check came to my rescue when repeating that word) would possibly continue so that when I cut the panels down to 1ft x 1ft the delaminating oulgd occur there also. Anyone else had experience with this product ?

I once had sheets with no veneer on one side in a box of PureBond maple. Just the core – a yellow sponge-like fiberboard that honestly doesn’t look anything like wood – completely exposed. So it’s not surprising to me to hear of consistency issues in CFP products. They’re among the cheapest on the market for a reason.


This probably doesn’t help much, as I only ever buy it in the 10-pack of GF-sized sheets, but I wonder if the stuff you’re buying has been stored or transported in a way to cause those issues.

The replacement panels I received from Home Depot were in excellent condition.

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