Columbia Forest PureBond Home Depot photos

After hearing about Columbia Forest PureBond plywood here, I purchased a 10x box of both 5/32" Maple and 5/32" Walnut from Home Depot. The material isn’t as pretty as the GF Proofgrade stuff, but it’s 4x cheaper, so that is a pretty good alternative.

Here is how it arrives. Not the best packing job, but it was ok.

Here is the front(left) and back(right) of Maple.

Here is a side view of the Maple. Some pieces are a bit warped.

Walnut front(left) and back(right). I knew it would be one-sided.

And the side view of Walnut. Quite a bit more warped panels.

Overall, Im pretty happy with it. It’s not the prettiest, but it’s the same or cheaper than proofgrade draftboard, so I’ll use it for prototyping stuff, and for projects where the back side isn’t visible.


Nice. If that is available where I live I might just order some.

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It is called 5/32" but what is it really? You got a caliper handy?

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Looks like an MDF core?


Great. I didn’t know they had two different options in the 5/32" now. I’ve ordered the maple and was very happy with it. Will definitely order some Walnut now.

My 1/4 maple measures .208 in (5.29 mm), and the 5/32 measures .1415 in (3.60 mm).


Core is not MDF, likely aspen/poplar or maybe birch.


If you look closely there is endgrain probably poplar or basswood but what is disturbing is that it is only 3 layers which is probably why it warps easily.


PureBond has four core varieties - veneer, particleboard, MDF or “Classic Core”.

The HomeDepot ones do not specify on the web site, but the product spec brochure only mentions “veneer core”.


my 5/32 shows as 0.138".

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My 5/32 is measuring between 0.1325 and 0.1390 for both walnut and maple.

I bought a couple boxes of these but when I go to reorder all of it is gone… no 5/32 or 1/4 … has it been discontinued? Anyone know anything?

Still showing up in my ‘favorites’ at Home Depot and was able to add it to my cart without issue.

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Hi Pearl… yeah … thats strange its now showing up for me also. The other day all of them were “not found” weird - probably just a glitch that day. Whew - very glad they are still available!

Thank you for replying! Have a great week and stay safe!

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Just stock levels. It’s not a common item for them, there aren’t many THD shoppers buying 12x20 panels.

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Hi there! I’m new and stalking the boards looking for numbers! I’m quite scared of dialing in numbers, as I don’t want to blow up my Glo!! I just ordered this…
1/4 in. x 1 ft. x 1 ft. 7 in. PureBond Birch Plywood Project Panel from HD. Any experience with this wood? and maybe what settings would I used for this?Thanks for any and all info you have!

Numbers as in… settings. LOL I’m NOT that kind of stalker ha ha!

Use the search, Luke…

Thanks, learning navigation on here as well! Will search now, much appreciated!

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