Comb binding half-letter SVG

If you are using plastic comb binding, this file may save you some time cooking up custom covers. It has worked fine for me, though it is possible that if you double it to full letter size the last holes may creep out of the ideal spot–I would definitely do a test on paper before committing an expensive material.

Comb Binding Half (653 Bytes)


Great! I’m heading towards comb binding next, that will save a workup! :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you want to talk binding machines, start a new topic and summon me! I recently did my homework and have some gear suggestions.


Chuckle! I’ll be stuck using whatever model my neighbor had that he was getting rid of and gave to me. (I’ll finally find a use for it I guess.) :smile:


Similar thing happened to me… Then the machine pooped out on the first paper punch. The disappointment was intense! I hope you have better luck!

I was thinking to myself…why do all these people NOT know how to spell combining. :smile::grin:


oh but I want to talk binding machines

Thanks. I’ve been wanting to do a template for my comb binder, but never have gotten around to it. So many projects in limbo.

I just bought a Cinch. Not quite comb binding, but same basic idea. I originally wanted a GF to cut my bookboard. I still haven’t bound a single book. And now I’m going to “Cheat” with wire binding!

Thanks for the file.

Great, thanks!

(Oh, and Groove, you’ve gone all transparent. What gives?)


I also apparently forgot to thank you for the file. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Just playing with my avatar!


Well start a thread and I will lay out everything I know… all 153 words of it! :slight_smile:

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haha okay, it is done!