Combat Filter

So I’ve bought a different filter (Air Shield550) and i’m still wondering if i can use the option combat filter or not??

I’m guessing you’re asking if you should toggle the Compact Filter button on the UI?

What that does is slow down the internal fan so that fan in your filter takes over. As long as your filter comes with a fan that is strong enough you should totally do that.


That makes sense. Thank you for the input

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What are you using to make the change from 12" to 4"?

I think that will not be a problem as the intake will exceed the exhaust in any case.

Changing 4 - 12 was the toughest part. We basically cut 12" piece of wood with inside cut of 4" and seal it with duct tape . I tried to find something in homedepto but coudn’t so make out own.

I have thought of that but worried that it would concentrate the crud into the center. I designed a box to sit in front and bring the smoke in in perhaps a bit of a spiral, but have not built the box as yet.

I would also think about a bit of prefilter that you can wash and extend the life.


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