Combine 2 parts of an svg

I’m trying to combine these two parts so the tab at the bottom isn’t cut off. I’ve tried Jules’ instructions from a previous communique but for some reason it isn’t working for me.

I don’t know what design app you use, but the solution is pretty much the same with all of them. You need to ‘select’ both of those red cut lines and combine them…add them together. Different apps use different words for the same op…weld, union, combine, etc. I hope you won’t mind that I’m moving your post to the Everything Else category, as this is not something that problems and support will address.


Thanks but I’ve tried all of that. The previous communique I mentioned suggested selecting the top section (before they’re combined) and breaking them apart, moving it down to overlap the tab box the selecting Path>Union, but it just doesn’t work. I guess I should have mentioned I use Inkscape.

Sorry, I can’t help then. I don’t use Inkscape. Hope you get some help and get it figured out.

If you add your file, it would be easier to figure out what the file is doing. In general, overlapping two boxes and union-ing them normally works. You may have them on separate layers? Or one might be in a group while the other isn’t. There is an information bar in the bottom of Inkscape that might hint to why it is not working.

In node editing mode, select the lower corner of the large rectange and while holding the shift key select the corner where the smaller intersects and choose path union.

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Here’s the file. It’s just a pen/pencil holder with an attached business card holder.
Pen & Card Holder MINE


In the GFUI if you have Premium you can put an outline at zero offset and cut that deleting the inner rectangles.

Looking at your file, the 2 boxes don’t actually touch, and that would be why you can’t join them.

Here it is zoomed way in:

Make the 2 touch and try joining them again.


You have to Ungroup twice (read the text that appears at the bottom to see if it is still grouped.)

Then shift the bottom rectangle up a bit before trying to combine them…they currently do not overlap.

(And I see @hansepe beat me to it.)


I wonder if this is a geometric versus visual bounding box issue? Like the OP probably snapped them together using visual boxes and should be using geometric.


Pen & Card Holder MINE_v1

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They are not grouped; the bottom text says “2 objects selected of types Group, Path in layer…”.

Moved upper part to overlap lower part.

Selected both parts and Path>Union.

Didn’t work.

Inkscape is trying to tell you that you have:

  • one item that is a “Group” - the top with the black lines and art
  • and another that is a “Path” - the bottom rectangle.

Only selecting the top red box. Does it say "Group of … ( however any items are in group, maybe only 1?)

  • If true, ungroup that top red box, even if it is in a group by itself. You want to get to the point where all items that you try to union are paths only, no groups.

  • If false, it may be that you are accidently selecting both the top red rectangle and the black art. Try selecting only the top red rectangle and the overlapped bottom red rectangle and try to Union it. If you get an error from this point, come back and post what your error is ;p

Btw, @rpvalk union-ed the file you posted and helpfully reposted it for you to use. You can download it by right-clicking on the image and selecting “Save image as”.

But if you are trying to learn from this, then I hope the above can get you a step closer to getting it to work on your own!


Problem solved thanks to rpvalk. Thanks for the help from everyone. Today was a good day because I learned something.


I don’t know Inkscape but if it has a cut function you could cut the top line from the little square then move it to touch the bottom of the big box and cut that section of the bottom line out. I’ve done this in AI a lot its fairly quick and easy.

Or you could just edit the nodes like this…Pen & Card Holder MINE

And this, my friends, was my goal yesterday. Thanks to all of you it turned out a complete success (well, 90% anyway.) Thanks again for everyone’s help.



Great job Terry! :heart_eyes_cat:

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