Combining pixel layers in Affinity Designer?

I have two different images that I want to engrave. I want to combine them into one engraving layer (to minimize laser time). Any ideas?

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Easy enough in Gimp. Make one layer and another layer set transparency on the top layer to taste and make new layer from visible, turn off the other two and save.

If I move it to Gimp, won’t I lose my vector layer? (Also, I really would like to stay within one tool if at all possible)

I routinely go back and forth with Inkscape and Gimp. Inkscape does the vectors and Gimp the pixels. neither is great with the other, Gimp imports vectors as paths that have a lot of useful properties and are vectors, But I have not found a way to export them again as vectors.

However, Inkscape has very poor pixel management and so I frequently export or copy/paste the images to Gimp and by export bring them back into the Inkscape file after doing whatever is needed to manipulate the pixels. lining stuff up after is not a big problem especially if the original image is there and I simply match the properties in size, location, and scale of the old image.

I use AD sometimes too, was curious, and looked in to this… Amazingly, there is no Photoshop-like “merge” function for pixel layers. (I found 5 year old forum posts lamenting this, and no recent good news on the subject.)

If you export as SVG with embedded PNG doesn’t that do what you intend? It think it should merge all pixel layers during that operation.

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How do you export SVG with embedded PNG?

I was able to do it by putting the two images in a layer, going to the layer and doing “Rasterize…” This combined all the items on that layer into one image.

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If I add a PNG to an Affinity Designer document and export as SVG, when I view that SVG in another app, the image is visible.

Yeah, I think we are stuck doing it that way. Too bad.

But, if you export as an SVG I bet the final product will be in effect the same thing.

Nope. If I export as a SVG there are two different layers which means that it takes it longer to do the laser engraving.

That’s the easiest way to do it in AD.

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