Comic book rack

This week’s project is a simple comic book rack. Made this for my daughter who sells her books at various fairs and shows, so this is personalized for those titles. Comes apart, then it’s off to the next show.

Not the most original design (there are plenty of laser cut racks like this out there) but this version is scaled down for Glowforge cutting. This one is a test prototype and so is made of draftboard, but a final one out of plywood will look nice and be more rugged. Made for “zine” format books (8 1/2" x 5 1/2") but could also be used at home for displaying standard size comics, too (with a little overlap).

I’ll post the files if anyone wants.


Nice stands! :grinning:

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So cool. I like it!

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Nice design! I love how clean it is!


I would love this file, if your sharing


Love the flat pack! I need to develop this design into several sizes for various things on my market table next year. Thank you for the inspiration!

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Nice clean design!

OK, here are the files for the comic rack parts. They are designed to be made with Medium Draftboard and all the mating slots are a snug fit.

The design is scaled to make parts out the Proofgrade format, but it would be very cool to see someone use their Pro model F and make l-o-n-g-e-r shelves. Adjust the width of the slots for your material.


l give a puff or two of powdered white graphite as a neat dry lubricant on all the mating slot edges. That really helps slide the joints together the first time.

The small shelves need to assembled to the sides FIRST, then the front panel, followed by the two bigger panels. Be sure to be very careful to slide all the parts together as held perpendicular and square. It would be easy to bend and break the long fingers of Draftboard. We’ll see how this holds up after a comic show or two. The next version will be plywood for more strength!

comic rack sides (161.9 KB)
comic rack panel (160.0 KB)
comic rack panel 1 (159.1 KB)

Let’s see what you make!


Great work!

I like how crisp this looks.

When you need a lot of these for a stall I imagine making them on the GF has saved you a fortune.

Thanks for the download too

Very nice racks, and your photography is outstanding! Thanks for sharing the files.

very functional thanks for the files

Whoa! Thank you for the files! Very generous.

Tasteful, custom, and packable - what more could you want? Looks like this will be a big hit!