Comic Sans origin story

Since Comic Sans and fonts have gotten so much discussion here I thought some of you might enjoy this.


I love Comic Sans. @me, bro!! :wink:


The article makes a very good point that if you have a basic font set and you don’t want formal but do want readability, there are not many options. This is true of several fonts on that list, that the eyes see it and you go “not again!” there are several like that and I do not even know the names but there is one or several specific letters that stand out and scream even if you liked them at first glance.

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Don’t care one way or the other. Won’t say that I see folks in a kind light that make it their business to convince others that they have no style just because of Comic Sans. Reminds me of the little girl in 5th grade that thought being hall monitor made her important.


I like using it because I don’t think there should be rules in art, just guidelines. If someone is going to be angry about my choice of fonts, well, that is just a bonus.


I caught holy heck on here a year or so ago because I used Papyrus for something. I’m all up for being enlightened but not for being embarassed.


I’m with you… sometimes it is appropriate to use it… (luckily I didn’t need it recently). :rofl:

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If I recall it was Egyptian and therefore very appropriate.


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