Commemorative 2020 Ornaments

I wanted to share my take on 2020 Commemorative Ornaments with the GF community! Thanks for taking a look



I love these. You should sell them. What do you use to get the text on a circle?

Hey djfb, I use illustrator for everything. I have the link there under the photo if that is ok?

They included their etsy link?

@matthewdeclercq unfortunately I am too cheap to buy/lease ai. I have vectric aspire, Inkscape, light burn (no go for that), affinity, and coreldraw (previous version). I know aspire can do it, I just don’t know how well it translates when switched to .svg). I’ll be experimenting soon.

Inkscape puts text on a path just fine.

I know, I just haven’t learned that yet. And just as I was learning, they upgraded for the Mac and things look a little different.

Ordered! Nice work Matthew

Oh, I really like these! The icons of disaster are a bit more subtle than a lot of the 2020 ornament designs I’ve been seeing.

I cut this on proofgrade maple plywood. Any recommendations on the engrave settings, some of that didn’t turn out visible enough? Time to create, 16 minutes.

Engrave settings:

Got it sorted out, needed to be set to “score”, not “engrave”. I’m such a turkey :slight_smile:
Thank you Matthew!

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These ornaments are really nice.