Commemorative Coasters

After four days of getting together for all-day board games at different people’s houses (with a showing of The Last Jedi thrown in there for good measure), I decided to make everyone some souvenir coasters to commemorate the “Gamepocalypse”


Those are really nice…!

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What is the material you used here? They’re really cool looking!

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Looks like slate coasters. I get them from Amazon in both squares and circles. They have them in packs.

I also get them from where you can get some good deals & larger quantities.


Yeah, slate coasters from Amazon. Wiped with mineral oil before hitting it with the settings I was able to find in the #beyond-the-manual section of the forum here.

I’ve just never seen slate in this color. That’s cool! And thanks for the resource, @jamesdhatch!

It’s the mineral oil wipe pre-treatment that does that. I think it was @kittski here who suggested it.

I can attest that a post-lasering wipe of mineral oil does not help - in fact it’s a good way to totally obscure the design :slight_smile: Almost as good as erasing it.

Which brings up another thing - if you don’t like the results of your engrave, you can sand the slate with 350 grit sandpaper (or 400/600 emery paper) to bring it all level and then wipe with mineral oil and you’ve got a new slate surface to laser.


It’s my yellow “warm” office lights giving it that color.

Looks like a fun time! Are we all invited next year??

They look amazing, great job.

Sounds like you had an awesome four days. What a neat way to remember it!

Coasters look great! :grinning: