Comment: Cleaning my GF Pro for the first time

So I’ve had my GF Pro for about 3 weeks. I’ve added a Wyze mini cam hanging above it (Strapped to an additional light for extra lighting). This setup allows me to monitor it while not in the room - and yes it’s a constant monitor when running.

So today I decided to clean it.

Used the recommended Zeiss wipes on the mirrors and lenses. Then cleaned the glass (Both inide and out - with Windex and a clean microfiber glass cleaning cloth.

Man, what a difference. The rag - as you can guess - needs to now be washed. The glass so clear I can’t believe I waited 3 weeks…

SO JUST in case there are those out there thinkning they don’t really NEED to clean it regularly… Yeah, night and day difference.


Hey, welcome to the forum, and it is awfully nice to have a good clean machine.

One word of caution, if you haven’t seen it elsewhere: be careful when cleaning things other than the optics, especially when using liquids. If you want to use windex, great, just be sure to use it sparingly and always spray the rag, not the glass. Liquids plus electronics on the lid are not a good combo.

This topic just came up recently, you might find it useful:


what @evansd2 said, can’t be said enough.

Welcome to the forum!


Understand - been in the computer industry for more than 30 years - I try to always be careful when liquid and electronics are involved And yes, on the rag, not the glass (I did spray the outside though).


I think we have all learned that the hard way once of twice. :slight_smile:


Materials matter. I can go awhile without cleaning if using acrylics and leather and even wood (mostly).
The killer is 3d engraving on wood. I found I needed to clean the machine every 8-10 designs. It really loads up on the burnt debris.


My glass top was looking “foggy” which is why I decided it might be time. I’ve been making a ton of shelves and trays to help me display my leather goods I make. And now I’m converting my PDF patterns I made or own into SVGs - lots of time and fun there. :slight_smile:

I’ve got a couple doe and they turned out great.

But I’ve seen a lot of smoke coming off of the materials I have - it’s all venting properly, just a lot of it.

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