Commission image preparation for engraving

Hey friends. I would like to commission someone to get these two images ready for engraving. I’m thinking around $3 each or so.

Any takers?

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This is an illegal job as it involves copyright infringement, and the pay is on the insulting side for anyone that lives in a country where they can afford a $7000 laser engraver. $3 isn’t even a cup of coffee.

If you want to engrave these images essentially as-is, you can prep them yourself for free here:


Thank you for the link it was helpful.

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I’m glad I don’t know how many hours I spent playing the different versions of Civ…


Yea I have a buddy who is supper into games. He keeps making 3d printed organizers for his games and has me make the containing box.

I’ve tried a couple of his games and tend to get a bit overwhelmed. But I also felt that way the first time I played Settlers so opportunity abounds.


We still have a couple of computers with Civ IV that we’ve kept going. It’s still pretty fun. My son is now into it (11). My husband says he started with II and then decided to not upgrade once V came out. lol


Turned out well


Yes it did!

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