Commissioned Cabin Coasters

Some of our best friend’s dad owns a cabin back in Utah and thought I could make coasters for him of some of his favorite fishing spots near that cabin. In the 3 years I’ve have my Glowforge I haven’t made any wood coasters, so I gladly accepted the challenge.

In anticipation of the day I would make coasters I had bought some cork, finally got a chance to use that. Tried some random settings for cutting and got lucky, probably could have used a slightly higher speed, but no masking and very minimal char.

I thought I’d bundle them up with some twine, and voila, a nice little Christmas present ready to go!

For those not positive on what the border is, they’re a bunch of fish and arrowheads. My wife said “Wow, these are perfect with the little fish and trees!” Had to make sure she knew what they actually are, but I’m not sure she heard me :sweat_smile:


I love the way you did the label on the underside. It’s small enough to not interfere with the cork’s function. Nice job!


Nice coasters! And I was astounded you’ve been able to avoid printing coasters until now… :rofl:


The cabin owner will love these. The engrave is clean and clear.


These are great! Very well done, and yes, I esp. like the underside, very nice touch.


To be fair, I’ve actually made 2 coasters previously from wood, but they were just demos of what I could do. The designs of them were more technical than I wanted to produce, so one sits next to the oven, and the other is in a box somewhere, as reminders of what over delivering is :sweat_smile:


Phew… yes, I know what you mean…

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I found cork super hard to cut, it would just char and not cut at all. What sort of cork did you get or use? Sounds like you were able to cut it.

I used this stuff, it’s pretty thin.


What settings did you use on the cork?

Curious as to where it you get it outside of Japan.

Daiso is where I picked mine up, otherwise this stuff is about 1/16th" or 1.5mm if you’re looking for general stuff. I know there was a while where people were grabbing the ikea place mats and using those, but no ikea near me, so this is what got the job done.

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No Daiso in Tucson. Where do you hail from?

Hawaii is where I’m currently at :call_me_hand:t4:

These are really awesome … love everything about them. The border really sets them off, plus dating and adding Griffin Cabin and the year … perfect.


This has a very polished look, love all of it.


Ah so ka. So you have the Japanese stores there for the tourists.

Well I’ve actually only ever seen locals in there. It’s not really a tourist type store, got a lot of household type stuff

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