Community access issue

Hi all! I’ve had an odd problem for a little while now that I wasn’t able to post about until it was fixed.

In short, I couldn’t be logged in on this Community site. {That sounds like poor grammar, but it’s actually the most accurate way to say what happened}

Symptoms: I could log into the overall GF site, including the pages for GF control, the shop, the general main page etc. But whenever I went into the Community, I only had access that you have when you’re not logged in, with the “login” button at the top right. If I clicked on that, it brought me to the GF configuration pages you see when you first unpack. if I linked to any other non-Community pages, I was still logged in. Back to Community:: Not logged in. So strange.

The result of this was I couldn’t Like stuff, Bookmark stuff, or post anything. It was like being shunned!! I wanted to ask all of you what I did to be shunned but you can’t ask people stuff when you’re shunned; that’s how shunning works.

It was very disconcerting and a little sad.

Anyway, I emailed Support, and Semhar did some kind of magic (Thanks Semhar!) and I’m back.

So this is resolved but I wanted to post about it in case it happens to anyone else to give hope that there’s a way out of being shunned.

One last odd thing: Right after accessing again, I was granted the Owner Badge. I’ve been an Owner since last year so this probably is tied to whatever underlying issue kept me from getting in. But doesn’t matter, I just became an Owner (again) so you may congratulate me now.


Congratulations! :grinning::tada::balloon::sparkles::confetti_ball: (And don’t feel alone…I just got logged out of the forum for some reason. Like literally five minutes ago. Never seen that happen before.) :smile:


Glad you’re back!

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Been there, done that…lol. Welcome back.



Welcome back!


I LOVE those videos. Nice.


There you are! Welcome back.


Me too.

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