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Every few weeks, I come up with an idea, or a small tweak on the GFUI that I figure would be worth passing along. I see sporadic posts suggesting software tweaks, etc…but I figured I’d start an ongoing thread on it to keep it all together! (GF, if you want to kill this and create your own place for users to submit ideas, I won’t be offended!) :wink:

Here’s an idea, I’m pretty sure GF has my machine logs being written to the database, so you have my runtime. What about showing me my current total runtime of the machine on my GFUI or so I know how many hours I’ve had it lasering. Couple that with scheduled maintenance reminders at certain milestones - that would be handy. Total Runtime and runtime till next cleaning.

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Wouldn’t be the 1st, 2nd, or 17th time this has been asked for. :slight_smile:

I’ll happily add my voice to this most-recent request for this much-needed feature!


Maybe it’s a liability issue (someone doing rubber, etc. should be cleaning more often). Although they do give suggested maintenance intervals in the manual. Ok, maybe then don’t give maintenance reminders…but instead just a running tally and another that we can reset to zero.

Simply an Odometer and Trip Odometer. Done.

There’s no liability issue with presenting users with the information. If they choose to do something with that information that’s on them. My odometer shows a reading. If I decide to get my oil changed, that’s on me. If I don’t, that’s on me too. :slight_smile:


Thanks Trevor! We only see new ideas when they appear as new Problems and Support posts. I’ve logged this one and moved it to Everything Else so you can continue to add to it (although we may not see it). Alternately, you can create new posts here when you have ideas you want us to know about. Thanks for the wonderful suggestions!

Yeah this is a oldie but goodie. It seems so simple, I am pretty amazed it hasn’t been done already. It’s so hard to figure out how staff prioritizes requests in the hopper, but the UI has been languishing for quite a while now, and even taken a step or two back lately imho. A bit disappointing.

Ok so if this is a suggestion box :slight_smile: I do a lot of work within the glowforge app. Would be nice to have a grid we can click on or off. It takes me longer to center a shape with in a shape, sizing with just the rulers takes me a lot longer, I have to enlarge the screen to see the rulers better as my eyes are starting to suck LOL. I also wish I could unlock my shapes so I could tweak it just that little bit it needs. Instead of having to go back out and figure out the shape sizings which still sometimes don’t line up perfect. LOL It would be a huge time saver. Grid and changing measurements within the app :slight_smile:


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