Compact Air filter to Europe/Italy

Hi, we’ve just received the excellent Glowforge Pro, but now we really need an Air Filter 'cos in our “fablab” we’ve not a window.
Do you know what options we could choose in Italy/Europe?
We need a “compact” filter, such as the Glowforge presented one, because we’ve a specific (small) place to put it within a furniture (now the tube is going up, but it is a fake position for the enclosed picture… then we’ll direct the smoke in the air filter below the table).

I did see the Purex LaserSafe, and I’m waiting for a price quote:
Do you have any further advise?
Many thanks in advance!


No ideas on alternatives, but if you need to check the specifications on the Compact Filter for compatibility they are a max airflow of 200 CFM and 4" (101 mm) port. (Might need an adapter.)


You sure have a beautiful room to work in. :grinning:


Thanks, David.
We’re just setting it up, still a bit empty… part of the new IBM Studios in Milano, the “iX” area that does Strategy & Design across new “intelligent experiences” and art. We’re creating something really engaging, useful/practical, and a bit diverse if you consider the traditional, more technical image, people knows IBM for.


I’m so glad you’ve received your Glowforge. The fablab looks great! We’ve used this Purex filter successfully in our testing:

Purex 9000 - 400i VOLUME CONTROL 120v with these filters:



I understand that the filter has a smaller nozzle than our 4" hose, so an adapter is required. Unfortunately, we can’t advise on exhaust configurations other than what’s described in the Glowforge Manual at

I’ve moved this topic to the Beyond the Manual so the discussion can continue there.


Thanks Semhar.
But… how huge is that Purex 9000 air filter!
When I bought the GF, and knowing about its no-windows placement, I did ‘cos of the very nice filter projected to stay below the device, rising it those 15-20cm. And then I saw the preliminar compact air filter shown by Dan in one of the latest GF videos.
Obviously… given our spaces, the originary solution would be our best bet (still projected to be released?), otherwise a compact one to put within the (open) furniture, below the table (we’ll drill an hole through the desk surface for the tube). Ideas?

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