Compact Filter Doesn't match the User Manual

My Compact Filter is different that the one shown in the PDF User Manual. 1) the knob in the manual has three settings New, Full, and Off. Whereas, the knob on my unit has two settings; New and Full. 2) Glowforge support chat didn’t know if I should continue to run my filter after a job (as the manual instructs) OR if my unit turns on/off automatically, as some in this forum have indicated. This is not a great start to my Glowforge experience. Anyone have any insight here?

BUT… credit where credit is due; Benjamin did refund me $500 … after I’d purchased my Glowforge Pro. All I had to do was submit a valid referral code. Well done; thats good business guys!


The Compact Filter is manual. It doesn’t integrate with the machine in the sense of turning on and off manually.

As far as running it after the job, both the manual and Dan have said that’s what should be done. Approximately a 1:1 ratio of run-time and after-job run time (I.e. work 4 hours, let it run 4 hours)


Thanks jbmannings5!

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Also, there is a Compact Filter button in the app. That will turn off the primary exhaust fan and use the compact filter as the exhaust.

Thanks so much for the assist JB. Say, you’ve been so helpful… if I can bother you just a bit more …does the GF do a firmware update or something upon initial setup? Because its been about 15 minutes now showing “You successfully connected your Glowforge to xxxxWIFInetwork.” but the ‘please wait’ radar animation is still showing below that message.

It probably will update the firmware but you’re probably good to go. Sometimes your home WiFi won’t reconnect and push the page forward. Just reconnect your computer back to your network and open two tabs. One to this page: and one to


Yea, it just never came back to allow me to name the GF. But I just printed the little keychain so its working! I just need to figure out how to give the unit a name, etc. Thanks so much! Very excited to get busy. - Hutch


Just shoot an email to and let them know the name. They’ll get it squared away!

Have fun!

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