Compact filter was great for the two days it worked, replacement filter just arrived

Hi, My compact filter was working great, but filled up very quickly. Glowforge was nice enough to hook me up with a replacement. I know I’ve seen some posts about adding an additional filter on top of the charcoal filter. Does anybody have any suggestions of what I can use to help my replacement filter last much longer?

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There have been some experiments with pre-filters, but I’m not running one.

You might check with @techyg …he was using a cheap filter that he cut down to fit on top of the compact filter and seems to have had good success with it. I’m not sure the brand though.


I am using a Honeywell pre filter. I linked it in this thread but I don’t know how easy it is to find my post. On a mobile right now so hard for me to post more than one link.

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Here is a better link for the “pre-filter” I am using with the compact air filter:

I have engraved and cut another 3-5 hours on it since I changed it, including a bunch of bamboo cutting boards, and several pieces of plywood with MDF and veneer cores. I am still on a “3” setting on my Compact Filter. I would say the pre-filter is working pretty well, though I haven’t been a heavy user lately. I am still running the original filter from December and only on a 3 after at least 15 hours of mixed cutting.

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