Company Logo Turned Into Earings


Been a while since I posted anything and thought I would share these earings I made based on a Company’s logo that I work with.

Made from Acrylic. Pieces fit so tightly together no glue is needed.


Damn, that looks like 1 solid piece. Bravo work.

Did you have to adjust the design so that they were so snug?


Fabulous work!


Nicely done!


Thank you. That is what I was trying to go for. So far most people I have shown them to think it is once solid piece.

For these I used the info I found here Press-fit acrylic countertop sign

Though for some other bigger projects I did have to adjust and test but link above is a great starting point.


I’m strangely attracted to your logo… Can’t quite put a finger on why… Nut very nice inlays indeed!!


That is some amazing inlay work. Nice precision work!


Nice job ! I guess they’d also work for anyone going to MiT…?:thinking::grin:



Wow! Very nicely done!