Compass Rose Tile

I was looking for a nice design for a tile and noticed the Compass Rose design. it could be a very nice actual compass but this was the first test. It is the unchanged size from the leather design.


Looks cool with the crackled background.

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It looks like it could be an old pocket watch face.

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Would look Amazing engraved on an old pocket watch!

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Looks great!

Very cool…I like the crackle in the glaze too.

The crackle is the result of heat shock. Blasting too small of a tile with too intricate a design at super-power. A mistake but one I can live with :wink:

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Also the tiles in the bathroom were never set right and keep coming up so…

I did a heavy engrave and with the paper still on sprayed down with white and then green phosphorescent. There are several trilobites from previous loose tiles.