Compass rose wall plaque


Needing a first project I gave this go…the kerf joins on the curve through me for a loop for sure but eventually they snapped together very tightly. We will see how it makes it through the next hurricane :wink:


Beautiful job! :grinning:


WOW!!!Beautiful Job!!!


Great job! Never imagined you could make bigger things. Thanks


This is just gorgeous! When I first saw the pieces I thought it was going to be a weather vane. I think you should make a matching weather vane, that would be very cool.


oooo - now you’re talking! My main purpose was for letterpress - 2D really… That sounds like a great challenge - You’re on!


I absolutely love this!!! Awesome!


Woah, that’s impressive and BIG!


Those colors - stunning!


Could you tell me if you created this design yourself, or did you find a source file? This reminds me of the end of my daughter’s cottage.


I did myself on Inkscape … it’s in key west so hence the chicken and Vespa. You can have the file if you like.- msg me-…it made efficient use of the proof grade material.


Nicely done! Both putting the design together and the final finish. Really nice!