Complete List of Premade Glowforge setting

Maybe you’re missing MY point. MY point was that I’d never seen anyone ask, which is likely why the information isn’t readily available. And I also very specifically acknowledged that what is not beneficial to me still may be beneficial to someone else.

Since it’s not your request, I don’t know why you’re so worked up about it. Chill.

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You 100% see where I’m coming from and I appreciate that so much. Thank you for your advice and helping. The link you pointed to was helpful for the basics, but as you’ve and others have pointed out, there are so many other setting already in GF, and settings change so often with updates, it’s hard to keep track., especially for a third party site. (talk about a labor of love?)

Regardless of this being the first time someone might have seen this type of request, I think an official resource list or page from Glowforge proper would be a great thing. More transparency and help for the members of this community is never a bad thing.

As for the saved settings, I’m always working with vectors… I’ve never loaded up a bitmap image in my GFUI. I have a little notebook where I keep all my custom settings now. :sweat_smile:

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