Completely frustrated and discouraged

yup!!! @cakes THATS ME!!! Lol! And byname is not Matthew! Lol. oh yeah, and yes inkscape is free!! and yes… my dramatic “a” double “s” went and signed up with every single one I could find trying to find a quick fix. There is NO QUICK FIX. Just know that this may take more time then you expected…but not as much as most. I know some people with other lasers still untouched. Don’t give up. I refuse!! also… I had and still do have a huge prob with Inkscape working on a brand new Mac… I have not found a solution to that, but I have also heard some say they have no issues at all!!! And I am not a computer genius. Hell, I can barely work this thing!..maybe I should start a forum!! because some out there has to know the answer! And if they own one of these babies, then they are gonna be helpful!

This has everything from the basic Machine setup and safety, to a basic understanding of the major programs folks use.

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This is exactly what I have heard many times. Some people get Inkscape running on a Mac with no problems and other people spend hours and hours just trying to get it working. If you run into problem after problem, $50 for Affinity Designer doesn’t seem like such a bad deal.


This forum is absolutely the best accessory for your glowforge. :+1:


Ok… check✅… been there done that. Just making sure I wasn’t missing something

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Yeah… fifty bucks ain’t bad at all. I would much rather pay that and not have issues.

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That’s what I did 2 years ago and haven’t looked back.

IMO, the most common problem getting Inkscape running on a mac is getting the XQuartz settings right.

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This is the place you will learn. The search button in these forums is your best friend when you are first starting out - I bet just about everything you run into someone has and has posted about it.

Learning Inkscape or some other form of vector based graphic design will be your best friend and biggest opportunity to invest in the knowledge you’ll need to make some truly awesome stuff, so take the time and invest in learning the app. I’ve spent 28+ years on CAD so at least I have that but I’m also learning Inkscape for the stuff I can’t do in CAD.

Yes it CAN be hard - but this forum is your best friend. The people here are AMAZING.


I also had 30ish years in Autocad but smooth curved “Squishy stuff” was always a problem, and that is Inkscape’s strong point.

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@cakes? hows it going?

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