Community Glowforge Tutorials: Table of Contents

The Design Team Tutorial Project

(aka “The Matrix”)

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List of Official Learning Tutorials from Glowforge:

Safe Operations:

Safety (Don’t be sorry later, read this now.)
Operating Environment ( Don’t let your machine be uncomfortable.)
Stop using your Glowforge unit if…
Repairs to a Modified Glowforge
Regulatory Information


Print a Gift of Good Measure.
Print a Snap-n-Store Box with Customization
Make a Gift Tag
Shortcut Keys
Trace a Hand Drawing with the Glowforge
Print your Own File
Cut Out a Shape
Engrave and Cut a Photo
Print Text
Introduction to Inkscape
Prep a Photo Engrave in GIMP
Prep a Photo Engrave in Photoshop
Manual Mode in the Glowforge - How to Save your Settings

Other Useful Information:

Create Accounts, Share/Delete Glowforge Access
Cleaning Your Glowforge
Moving/Packing your Glowforge
Recalibration of Lid Camera

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The Matrix:

Designing for the Laser - Designing for the Laser

Designing with Raster software - Raster Programs Matrix
(Adobe Photoshop / GIMP / Corel Paintshop)

Designing with 2D Vector Software - 2D Software Matrix
(Adobe Illustrator / Inkscape / CorelDRAW/ etc.)

Designing with 3D Vector Software - 3D Modeling Software Tutorials
(Fusion 360/OnShape/OpenSCAD, etc.)

Workflows Using the Glowforge Interface - Workflows for the Glowforge Interface

Tips and Tricks - mechanical/material etc. - Tips Tricks and Handy Links

Another Disney Sign
Glowforge prep advice
Testing for Settings
CorelDRAW - Adjusting for Kerf in your Design
A look at a production GF demo
First try at engraving a picture
Is there an idiot's guide?
Rock engraving
First Week
Topographical 3D Engrave
Pro Arrived and I'm Not a happy camper
Manual? Non proof grade material questions
Recipes/Settings Book
Inkscape - combine vectors into engravable image
Mothers day gift that is going viral at work or, How I got hooked on engraving
My First 3D Print - and a few questions
French cleat wall storage
Importing images to print?
Adobe Illustrator - Setting Stroke and Fill Colors
A number of issues right off the rip
What is a group of GF :glowforge: called?
File preparation
2(ish) Weeks with my Glowforge
Adobe illustrator
How to cut
Unable to get fine cuts. Everything getting blown out
How to cut out an etched design?
Waiting on my Glowforge Pro
First night printing
What am I missing!?
Tutorial done! Time to play ;)
Looking to learn in PA
A cool summary page that I can no longer find
Can't cut a tracing. Won't let me change from engrave
Tips or tricks willing to pass on
3D design - Software
Preparing for Glowforge
How do I import an image into Inkscape and cut around it
AutoCAD to scale
Ai- image trace problem
Cutting Text - (Designing Word Art)
Grants from Glowforge to fund your creativity at Maker Faire
Class 4 laser training materials and glasses
InkScape property settings for Glowforge
Glue, laminate, epoxy
What is a group of GF :glowforge: called?
What am I missing?
My SVG exported from Illustrator isn't working. HELP!
Glowforgey World in the Winter
Suppliers of Bamboo or MDF?
So glad I got the passthrough
Playing with photos
Size issues
Porsche emblem
Art- Canvas cutting
Method for making press-fit parts?
AutoCAD to scale
Please help me understand
Stray lines in engrave
For the newest of Noobs
App.glowforge uploads do not stay the same size as it was designed
Cut file
Introducing Snapmark (September 2018)
Inkscape design
This Year's Honey Contest Awards
Material Selection
Preview totally different
How to combine jpeg and text
Just ordered a pro
Need help preparing files for cutting
Help scanning and printing
The app will not allow me to move the vector graphics design
Getting started in design (newbie advice)
Glowforge on an iPad
Mystery Inkscape unwanted circle in cut file
Discussion of the September 2017 update (OLD)
Resizing artwork WITHOUT keeping the dimensions
Working with svg in Inkscape
Artist, printmaker, needs help
Best format for photos on wood
How do I upload a file that will create a cut?
Cut and engrave on prepared (curved) image
Recommendation for where to start learning how to design
Stray lines engraving
Is Glowforge a con?
Stray lines engraving
First attempt at pass-thru...what went wrong? Aligning the image
Is XQuartz software really necessary?
Precise dimensions
Is there a free box building website
Software help, please!
Fills for engrave coming over solid
AI Help
Completely frustrated and discouraged
Help with vector svg logo vs. png
Unable to upload anything to the UI
What is the best software to make designs for my glowforge
Depressed and Disappointed
50 Things That Would Make the GlowForge Better
This is not as easy as it is made out to be
Apps for creating finger joints/snap pieces
CorelDraw 2019
Desperate for an answer!
Using other platforms for Glowforge
I haven’t done a single “cut” yet
No Artwork message
Wild Things Light Box
Getting Unintended Results for 1st Print Intended Projects
Ribbon cable
Copy and paste a traceed image
Material thickness I need help
How to insert a file to cut
Glowforge is interpreting two SVGs with the same size box differently!
What file type for cutting?
Engraving but not cutting through PG maple plywood
Creating cut and engrave files from scratch...HELP
Glowforge ignoring parts of design
Help with cutting out words
Simple phone holder with lots of design potential
What's your setup?
Upload won't work
Illustrator PDF wont give me separate layers in GFUI
Stuck at Calculating precision movement
How to add text to engraving
Set focus error
Inkscape Tutorial
Printed in wrong area & cannot update thickness of wood
Wood Project
Keeps changing my thickness and I get and error
I made my first thing
Way Over My Head
Cutting my own design
I need Help!
Inkscape curved lines
Need a local GF buddy
SVG Problems
What I wish I knew from the start.Ora manual for the app would have been nice
Starting to have alignment issues
Geneseo High School Class of 1981 Earrings
Cutting material thicker than .43 inches
New to glowforge
Uploading pictures
Set Focus stopped working after several successful etches
Advanced Inkscape outline cutout for beginners
Quick Gifts - Phone Stands
Mechanical prints
Cut outline
School Photo Frame
Marvel Calendar won't print - 6 inches
Getting started...Lines and Colors
How to set design to cut!
Trace from uploaded image
I think they sent me a used one
Can someone please explain to me
Please define “kerf” and when to worry about it! For the Newbie
Copyright rules and regulations
Basic Game Board Box With Drawers
Creating Cut Line on Graphic Within Photoshop
Inverting pattern
How to cut monograms
What after ruler
Pro e-mail received!
Help Me! - Software Questions
Laser University
It's alive
How to make a simple, singular, cut?
Trying to turn a friends sketch into a printable file
Ok im lost lol
I"m in need of a Glowforge workshop
Day 10 e-mail
New owner
Just got my Glowforge!
Online PDF box generator with symmetric notches –
Telephone support
Here there be Dragons
How to add text
AA Token
Which computer program do folks recommend?
Hanging on "Scanning your material"
File Size Changes when Uploaded
Super Glowforge survives battle with the Brown Menace! Kryptonian technology comes through for truth, justice, and the Maker Way!
Help with this
Newbie in startup have basic question: Photo -> Engrave?
Glowforge prep advice
Please Point me in the right direction
How to create cake topper templates
Frustrated! [Resolved]
Cutting out
GriffeyForge is up and running!
Video on how to create a pendant with a ring around a name using photoshop/Illustrator
LIBRARY of User Info made for GF laser world?
The first two weeks with my Glowforge
Manual Settings
Testing files before cutting
Interlocking puzzle design help
Renewed Optimism - Small Box
Adobe Illustrator - Don't check Responsive when exporting to SVG