Complex is being treated for bugs - is my glowforge safe?

My apartment complex is being treated for bugs using a tented method - thankfully my unit isn’t effected, but will still be tented. My question is should I take my glowforge out, I am fearful that it would somehow be damaged, but I might be overthinking it.

Thanks for entertaining my anxiety.

I might put a cover over your glowforge? Disconnect the vent and then use something like a big trash bag would probably do it.


Good question…It will probably be fine, but you might want to snugly tape a couple of large garbage bags around it. (Also any food.)


Hard to know without more information regarding exactly what the treatment is. The typical termite fumigation is 100% safe for electronics. Otherwise, to be safe—unless the Glowforge itself has “bugs”—I’d disconnect the vent duct work and wrap the unit with trash bags and duct tape to be sure. :sunglasses:

I worked pest control for 40 years & electronic equipment will be fine. Most likely they are using Vikane. I would be more concerned if they were using heat method.


Complex is being treated for bugs - is my glowforge safe?

A lot safer than the bugs, I imagine. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

snugly tape garbage bags around the glowforge filled with food, or around the food? He could probably put the food inside of the garbage bag rather than doing a Marvel Venom kind of thing. :slight_smile: j/k

We are getting the house tented in a few months as the termites are eating our attic. My plan is to eat all of the food, but I keep going to costco and buying more, hmm.


The only fun part of getting your house treated for termites is the circus tent vibe! :sunglasses:


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