Complex Window to Texture A New Experimemt

For some time now I have been playing with pierced patterns such as this…

As holes or just engraved vectors like this…

or even inlaid like this…

never quite finding the way I wanted to use the pattern even as I was coming up with ever more patterns that now number in the thousands. All basically connected “lines” around empty places as “holes” that are holes in the original concept.

So this week I went from vector designs back to variable depth engraving that entails more work on the pattern (making more patterns :roll_eyes:) some with the “holes” high and the “lines” low …

and the reverse with the “lines” high.

I am not sure which way is better or perhaps it depends on the individual case, but thinking as the pattern on small boxes, though alternatives to boxes or more coasters also need investigating. I have been thinking small clocks but again making the pattern fit the 3-inch dia premade clock (with enough width to allow it) becomes the challenge there.


I think my favorite is the “lines high”. Looks lacey without being overdone. (Good job of testing on those, it takes time to develop a new technique, but the results are spectacular.) :sunglasses: :+1:


I agree with @Jules, I like the ‘lacey look’, although both look promising!


I think both examples have a place in your artwork. The lacey look is immediately eye catching, but the lines low piece has a depth interest that I find quite pleasing.


Lines high reminds me of the surface of an Oreo cookie…


Ditto!:+1: how do you get rid of the burn?

High speed moves it along and high LPI gets the cut deeper while full power reduces the effect of the grain and gives the maximum range to the depths.

It takes longer but is worth it.