Compliant Mechanism Blaster

I tried my hand at laser cutting a version. I took the STL file and converted it to an SVG.

It broke after the third firing. A few things to note, I was able to get the grain at the perfect andle and I might have used wood that was too thin (3mm baltic birch).

The Compliant Mechanisms Research Lab has worked with Mark Rober and his team to create the world’s smallest functional Nerf blaster.

Watch his video here!


Awesome, I think you just have too much travel on the trigger, reduce the catch and put a stopper for trigger travel should get you there.
These projects are fun because you can print just the trigger area until you get the design tuned in.

Great experiment!


That was an extremely interesting video! He’ll be sorry he supplied the ant with a nerf gun though, when he gets shot in the toe! :rofl: :rofl:

But it really stunned me the technology and scientific knowledge that abounds - it just doesn’t abound in me! Can’t wait for you to show us a working laser model that you’re happy with!


Pretty cool to adapt the design and laser cut it, thx for sharing. I saw that episode and 3D printed one to see how it works. It is quite clever.