Compost bin

Has anyone tried making an aerated compost bin? I was looking at subpodwhich looks like a compost box you put in the ground with aeration at the bottom for worms.

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Interesting, but I don’t know what you might use a Glowforge to make one with. It might be a way to recycle tiny wooden scraps tossed in with the garbage, but if you made one out of wood you would recycle it as fast as the garbage :hushed:


it’s pretty much a plastic box with holes in it, yeah? You could make one out of acrylic, but the material cost would be high, especially if you wanted to be able to sit on it like the subpod. Much more cost effective to make one from plastic bins and a power drill, and then use the GF to make a decorative something for the bit that sticks up out of the ground.

if I wanted to make a wooden one, I would probably start with regular lumber, and user the GF for templating and decoration.


At my first house I had a huge compost bin 4x8 feet foot print and 4 feet tall. Lined with the larger sized fencing so air can get into it. I threw stuff in at the top and pulled it out at the bottom.I had a cross bar at the mid point vertically and that created the opening. so picture an 8foot wide 2 foot tall opening across the front.

I would get coffee grounds from work. and my neighbors on both sides gave me thier trimmings and I would run that all through my chipper shredder.

fun times.

I have wood behind my current house so the grass clipping etc. are just in a pile. have been too busy to make a bin.

and my yard is filled with worms so I have mole traps out regularly

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The moles might also make good bait?

Bait for what?

these suckers are 8-10 inches + long and when the trap pops them they are nearly cut in half. the traps I use are quite effective.

these suckers don’t play. kinda scary and you damn sure don’t pull one that is set out of the ground.

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That is pretty big but there are a few fish that are eager to grab small mammals depending on where you are.

I think you are right and thank you for the link!

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Quite true, but since I suck at fishing… they shall just become fertilizer :slight_smile:


The ultimate revenge! :japanese_ogre: