Concept: Project graveyard revival

So a concept I was thinking about and not sure if anyone else would be interested or not. I’m sure we all have projects we’ve started and for one reason or another just haven’t been able to finish up or figure out why it’s not working. So my concept would be something along the lines of a thread or channel of users, posting their projects for community sourcing to finish up. I know it probably sounds like what the free patterns would be for but in my mind this could help new users trying to figure things out with that stubborn project. Thoughts, comments, snide remarks?



Since the season


Holy cow. Musicians from my youth and the correct pronunciation of Goethe all in one post - and a decade before Night of the Living Dead.


A range of takes on coming together in bacchanal!


Well, if this does take flight, may I recommend a name change? How about “1st Stage Separation”? Denotes both success and a need for input. It’s about you getting your project launched to the point you can drop the expended structure, but you need a boost to reach orbit.

‘Graveyard’ is not where I’d take a still-viable idea. Another name idea: “Project Swap” or maybe “Burn Block” (laser version of writers block).


I definitely like the “Project swamp” I’d love to see this as a new Forum here for sure!

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One of my abandoned projects is literally “Project Swamp”!

My first attempt at a layered LED box. I tried doing the LEDs from the bottom and not around the edges. One day I will re-visit.


@bwente it doesn’t look bad but I feel like it could definitely be more dynamic if the lighting is switched up for sure. Halloween is around the corner you know :wink:

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