Concept to installed in under 10 minutes

I thought I was done being impressed by the :glowforge: and it was just another tool in my arsenal now but no, this impressed me. Both with the forge and with Fusion 360 and how comfortable I have gotten with it.

Wife yells at me to take a look at the curtains in her room and shows me where the valance is sagging. Well, first I grabbed a pair of plyers and thought I’d bend the hardware. No luck there, then I thought I’d have to replace all the hardware. I didn’t like that one. Then a LED light came on over my head. I’ll make spacers and that will fix it. Well, 10 minutes later they were installed and all is well.



Definitely my favorite kinds of stories! :grinning:

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When you please the wife you have a good life.


Having trouble visualizing what you describe here. Can you post pics of the spacers installed?

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Here you go, not the very most elegant but it worked. Two 1/8" spacers with a slot so they go high enough to stay on each side. It could have been one 1/4" per side if I’d know’n for sure that was what it was going to take.


Now that’s funny. The design of your spacer is almost exactly the same as the power cord holders I made and installed along the top of the medicine cabinet so my hair iron cord would be out of the way and the plug end would be near the power outlet. Same thing—ten minute job that solved a problem we’d been dealing with for a long time.