Concepts iOS app

I was wondering if anyone has experience with the iOS app Concepts. I’ve been looking for an iOS vector drawing app that exports SVGs and if you get the upgraded version, this app apparently will do that. I have an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, so if the app can work well with those it would be a plus.

Any other app recommendations would also be appreciated.

Oops, forgot link: Concepts: Smarter Sketching, Design & CAD for Architecture & Illustration by TopHatch

Have you tried Adobe illustrator on your iPad.

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Actually, I have, and it’s nothing like Illustrator on my Mac. Unless I’m missing something, you can’t even edit points in the vector drawings. Not quite what I had in mind.

I did also notice another one to try: Graphic (formerly iDraw) from Indeeo. Anyone have experience with this one?

Watching Brad’s review a few months back spurred me to download it, but haven’t had time to put it through its paces:

While his note about its “broken” layering system seems to have been resolved, I’m not sure his other issue with the exported SVG files being unuseable remain unchecked. This is probably the major dealbreaker that’ll keep our group of iPadPro/GlowForge users from using it.

If @dan & team might have Concepts loaded into any of their office iPads, I’d ask if they can verify whether an SVG exported from Concepts will load into the Glowforge software without anything going BOOM. :scream:

If the SVG proves to be legible, there’s a bunch of YouTube Tutorials that’ll bring folks up to speed


I have Graphic on the iPad pro and love it.
You can sketch with the pencil and then go back and edit the bezier curves like in illustrator on the pc. The size of objects can be set numerically and you can group, or combine paths, snap to a grid, align etc.
It’s really precise and moving those bezier-handles with the pencil is way more fun than with a mouse… A great mix of intuitive and technical drawing. Also exports SVG or PDF.


That is exactly the experience I was looking for–thanks so much! Think I will give Graphic a try.


Is that the autodesk program? I have seen it but never used it.

I use Graphic on my iPad Pro and my MacBook Pro and love it. I purchased it back when it was iDraw and for the vector work I need to do, its great. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles as Illustrator but has what I need and is pretty simple to use.

I mostly use it to create SVGs for my CNC and sure to use it more when I get my Glowforge.

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Awesome, thanks for your input! I’m glad to hear the SVGs are usable by your CNC, that seems to indicate they are likely to work for the GF.

@cynd11…I have the iPad pro and Apple pencil, too. Take a look at ProtoSketch. I got it for myself, but haven’t tried doing anything on it yet. It is SVG compatible.


Thanks so much for your input. I looked over ProtoSketch and it looks interesting. The feature list is very similar to all the apps I’m looking at (Concepts, Graphic, ProtoSketch). Without getting my hands on all of them at once I’m not sure how to judge. I’m leaning toward Graphic just because of the experience level with it that has been reported here. I may consider getting one or both of the others at some point–it’s not like it would put me in the poorhouse to get them all!

Meanwhile, I did download Inkpad and was impressed by the ease of use and full features for a free app. Anyone who is on the fence should give it a try–it might be all you need. It also exports as SVG, as well as PDF and PNG.


I’ll take a look at the other ones you mentioned, as well. Like you said, it won’t break me to have more than one…or even all of them. In this case, more might BE better. Thanks.