Congrats - $10MM in orders in 20 Days

I was watching the counter for the $10MM mark and saw it break through today (10/14) after just 20 days of pre-orders. That’s a little over $500,000/day when the inital 30 day target was $100,000. I think @dan & co. have demonstrated a healthy demand exists. I think Pebble was $20MM in 30 days, but then you’re only talking about a $250 item that could be an impulse buy for many. Glowforge is showing significant demand at a $2,000 - $4000 price point, which puts it outside of the “discretionary purchase” window for most people. People obviously want this product. Congratulations to Glowforge!


Dan did say in one of his videos that the real target was 4 million, not really sure why they put such a low target on the website if it wasn’t the true goal.

@jenamos How could they not get a plastics manufacturer to talk to them when they had $9 million in funding before they even stated to crowd fund this venture? Things don’t add up.

FYI - I am going to delete that so I’m not steering anyone wrong. I read SOMETHING regarding the 100K, but I should have researched it again before I commented.

This is an extremely well funded company that needs our money to get into manufacturing?

We couldn’t order less than $100k worth of machines, so if we had less than that, we would have refunded orders and concluded that Glowforge was not a viable product.

My dream was to hit $4M. I can’t believe how far we’ve come!